Be Strong: 

Strength training is a necessity in any workout regimen for people of all ages. It reduces body fat, helps you body to burn calories more efficiently throughout the day, and increases your lean muscle mass. Strength training also contributes to improvements in posture, coordination and balance. Some studies even show that strength training may help restore and increase bone density, which can lead to fewer injuries throughout your life. 

Be Healthy: 

Nutrition is such an important aspect of living a healthy life. My mom always used to tell us girls when we were little, "You can't fuel a race car on crap fuel and expect to win the race." This saying always resonated with me. Of course, what she meant was you can't fuel your body with crap food and expect to feel good, look good and perform at your best. Even if you have a high metabolism, your body needs essentials like green vegetables and lean protein to stay healthy. Proper nutrition can make you feel more energized and has even been linked to a more stress-free lifestyle. 

Be Balanced: 

When I say balanced, I mean mentally, emotionally and physically. I believe physical balance is paramount to overall health and I incorporate many balancing exercises in my clients workouts, and my own. I also firmly believe that emotional and mental balance is one of the most important things a person could strive for in life. I began doing yoga about 7 years ago and it helps me stay balanced emotionally and physically. Yoga may not be for everyone, but it is important to recognize the things that do balance you in every aspect. Embrace those activities and make time to include them in your daily or weekly life. 


The biggest thing I want to teach all of my clients is how to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Anyone can get healthy and fit for a few months with hard work and persistence, but the important part is being able sustain that lifestyle long term. I love weight training and my goal is to introduce all of my clients to it if they are not already familiar. In addition, I strive to provide my clients with workouts that can be done without a gym as well. It's amazing what you can do with your own body weight, or even with little equipment, such as a set of dumb bells, a medicine ball and an exercise ball. All very inexpensive tools that can be kept in your home or garage. 

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." -World Health Organization

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  1. Love it!! Simple, easy to remember, and informational! You should be a very successful trainer with this as a baseline! Best of luck geetting it started. :)


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