Wednesday, May 23

Under Armour 'What's Beautiful' Challenge

Yesterday I came across this awesome competition from Under Armour and I'm going for it! It's called "What's Beautiful" and it's "a competition to define the female athlete." I only have 4 weeks (Wish I would have found this sooner, eeek) until they choose the finalists, so I'm getting my booty in gear and getting my body and mind in shape! :) The contest consists of making a goal and completing 19 challenges. I'll be video taping most of them, If I can. I'm super excited.

My Under Armour What's Beautiful Goal goes like this...

I Will... Bust down the 5-mile run barrier and learn to feel good in my skin by pushing my limits and appreciating everything my body and mind can do. there are no limits.

Help me get to my goals by cheering me on! I'll be keeping you up to date, of course, along the way. And if I win......

The Prize
All 10 finalists will receive $1,000 in gear and will become part of the Women's Advisor Group to make appearances for Under Armour.

For one year, Under Armour will sponsor the lives of the three winners with greatness, glory and gear. This will include: training with UA celebrity trainers, a nutritionist consultation and gear for a year featuring the latest Under Armour products. These three women will become the new faces of the brand,­ participating in Under Armour Women's marketing efforts and gaining access to special events.

Here goes it people! I'll have my first challenge up soon!

P.S. Sunday I squated 125lbs 5 times on my 5th set. (I started at 95lbs on my first set) Felt like I could've done more so that's a good sign.

Plus, I did some tire flips (which I love so much). Something about tire flips is super motivating for me. Maybe it's because your lifting this huge object, even if it's not a super heavy tire. ;)

 And this is what your hands look like after them. :) Definitely learned not to touch my face after these bad boys... yeah dirty hands lead to black streaks mixed in sweat on your face. Yuk!

Here's just the beginning of getting stronger, faster, leaner and healthier. :)

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

- Lauren

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