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Easy Yummy Cottage Cheese Breakfast

Happy weekend everyone! I'm so excited for this long weekend. I woke up this morning feeling great after suffering from a 24-hour headache yesterday. I never get headaches so I'm pretty certain it was a dehydration headache. Bad Lauren! It's getting up to the mid 90s during the day here in the panhandle of FL, so hydration is SO important. I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon chugging water and self-massaging my head before I finally gave in a took a Motrin when I got home from work. The day before I had taken an Advil since we were out of ibuprofen, but it did absolutely nothing for me. Does this ever happen to you? Do you have certain medicines that don't work for you?

Anyways... My point about all of this is drink water, drink water, drink water! And then drink some more!

I started off my morning with a cup of coffee and a little cottage cheese concoction that I crave every now and then. I'm not a huge fan of cottage cheese, but every now and then if I mix it with the right stuff it's really delicious, nutritious and filling. This morning's recipe goes as follows...

Easy Cottage Cheese Breakfast

1 cup small curd cottage cheese (I use 1%)
1 peach cut into chunks
1 t. honey
1 tbsp. ground flax
1 t. unflavored fiber (I use free and clear Metamucil)
1 scoop vanilla protein (optional)

Combine all ingredients together in a small bowl and ENJOY! 

See how easy that is! This is my kind of breakfast. I'm usually hungry as soon as I wake up, so making this while I make my coffee works really well for my growling tummy. I like to add the protein powder because I actually like the taste it adds. If you'd like instead, you can always add a 1/4 teaspoon of almond or vanilla extract to give it a strong vanilla or almond flavor. The Metamucil is a new addition that I recently started adding. If you look at the back of the cottage cheese container, it has zero fiber in it. Maybe some brands do have a little fiber, but the one I like doesn't have any. I add 1 teaspoon of the free and clear Metamucil, which provides 5g of fiber. So what do you think? Does this sound easy enough for you to make for your morning breakfast? The great part about this recipe is you can really make it your own. Add whatever fruit you prefer and omit or add any other ingredients you wish. Just keep it healthy! :) 

Monday and Tuesday Recap

I took Monday and Tuesday off to spend with my hunny while he was on leave. We spent some much needed quality time with our pups at the beach on Monday and it was so FUN! We love taking the dogs swimming because they love it so much. Slater, our big white dog, could hardly wait for us to get his leash off before he plopped in the water. Molly is a little more cautious, but the hot weather lately makes her really enjoying cooling off her doggie belly. :)

I went deep sea fishing on Tuesday and I promised I would get some pics up of the trip. It was super fun and the hunny and I will definitely be doing this more often. Between the four of us we caught 15-16 Mingo Snappers and both Cory and I got to reel in our own Bonita fish. They aren't keepers because apparently they taste like poo, but it was super fun and a great little workout reeling that bad boy in. I felt like I was reeling in a MONSTER. Turns out it wasn't a monster, but it was the biggest fish I've ever reeled in. :)

The monster himself ;)
We also got to see some dolphins, one shark and a little brown birdie some 30 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico that kept circling the boat. It was a good day!

They were having some fun under the bow of the boat
 So what does your weekend have in store for you? Hopefully you're taking this long weekend to make sure you get some fun, healthy activities in. We're heading to play some beach volleyball today and going on a pontoon boat on Monday. Yippee! Can't get enough of this FL sun.

Follow my Under Armour What's Beautiful Competition page too! I'll be posting more complete challenges this weekend.

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

- Lauren

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  1. Dear Lauren, We were glued to this. Grandpa was so jealous of your big fish. We are amazed at how healthy and physically in shape you are. You have always been beautiful....beautiful and fit make a "diamond" package. Love You! G&G Laughlin


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