Monday, April 30

Recipe: Healthy Microwave Sweet Potato Chips

Happy Monday!! A little bit of a weekend recap...Friday was a super chill night and I caught up on some much needed sleep. Saturday morning was spent scouring the house in prep for Saturday night, which made me feel super productive by afternoon time. I hosted a Pampered Chef Party that night for the first time ever. Actually, I've never hosted any kind of party like that before. Although I was apprehensive, it was fun and I really do like a lot of the Pampered Chef products. One of my favorites is the Microwave Chip Maker for only $26.50! So worth it, in my opinion. It would be even more worth it (if that's possible) if my microwave wasn't a piece. I shouldn't say that.... it's not a piece, it's just not as nice as the one I'm currently not able to use since this one was already included in our rental. I digress.....

Before and after pics of my Healthy Microwave Sweet Potato Chips:


I salted the ones on the right with sea salt, and the ones on the left are seasoned with Emeril's seasoning, hence why they look burnt. I promise they're not! :) However, I will say that I much preferred the sea salt version to the seasoned version. Sometimes less is more... ya know!?

If you purchase this from Pampered Chef it comes with a cooking guide. Normally these bad boys would only take 4-5 minutes, but in my awesome micro they took about 8 minutes. They came out super crispy and needless to say I'm glad I only made a small amount. 

You can buy the Microwave Chip Maker online from Pampered Chef. I also recommend getting the simple slicer so your chips are cut to the perfect thickness. I'm all about making cooking easy! I'm planning on trying out Yucca and giving apples another try on the Chip Maker, too. I didn't have much luck with getting the apples crispy, but maybe I'll be able to perfect it soon.


Yesterday the hubs and I had a beautiful day full of sun and healthy tanning (that's a lie... I definitely got a little pink) at the beach. Afterwards we made a Publix trip for some din din. I used to buy this Twinings cold brew green tea with mint that I became addicted to last summer when I would drink it in the morning rather than coffee. I hadn't been able to find it in a while and yesterday I FOUND IT! I bought two boxes, 40 tea bags, although I wanted to buy all of them! I have faith that I will be able to find it again though, but I'm crossing my fingers for sure. The mint in this tea makes green tea so enjoyable for me. Not to mention, green tea has great health benefits due to its antioxidants.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday! 

- Lauren



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