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It's Grillin' Time! + Fresh Kale Salad Recipe

We finally bought a new grill folks! Yep! And it's BALLERRRR! We cooked out first meal on it tonight and it was nothing short of fabulous. I have been missing the flavor of grilled foods for so long since ours stopped working. We decided to cook sirloin steaks, sweet corn on the cob (in the husk) and peppers and onions. I totally didn't think about getting a picture until corn husks were littering my plate and the other half of my steak had been transferred to my hubby's plate to finish off. Bummer right?! That's what happens when you go for a 3 mile run, then come home and vacuum the whole house after you just trimmed the bushes in the front yard and took out all the trash/recycling. I was ready for some healthy, post-run/chores fuel that's for sure. I promise I am trying to get better at the picture thing! Soon Soon!

Anywho, dinner was delish and healthy, oh and did I mention my husband manned the grill and cooked the whole meal for us! WOOOOOHOOOOOO! It was soooo nice. Aside from the few minutes it took me to cut a green pepper and an onion, he did everything else. Such a treat and did I mention it was delicious? :) He cooked the corn in the husks for about 12-15 minutes, turning them a couple of times. It was my favorite part of the whole meal. It was still crunchy and tasted so fresh. Since it's so sweet, it was a nice way to finish off dinner...  a sort of healthy dessert you could say.

When I went to Birmingham a couple weekends ago for my YogaFit level II training we went to the Cheesecake Factory for my sister and mom's birthday dinner. For an appetizer, my sister and I shared this Fresh Kale Salad that sounded amazing. Well let me tell you, it WAS amazing! I'll be honest, I've never used kale for a salad before, I've only cooked with it. Mainly, I add kale to my egg scrambles along with other veggies and a little cheese. YUM. I decided to recreate the Kale Salad for my lunch Monday. The awesome thing about kale is that you can buy a HUGE bag for about $3 most places. My husband even said it looked good and asked me to make him one for lunch. It's exciting to share healthy meals with him! Especially when they're meals that are a little out of the ordinary.

Fresh Kale Salad (Cheesecake Factory Recipe)

A couple handfuls Fresh Kale cut into bite-size pieces
1/2 granny smith apple cut into bite-size pieces
Small handful of dried cranberries
Small handful of almonds (slivered or chopped)
Black Pepper Dressing
Big handful of green beans cut into 1 inch pieces

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!

The restaurant salad includes Marcona Almonds, but I just used regular almonds. For the dressing, I picked out a lower fat (4g per 2 Tablespoons) organic ranch dressing and added a boat load of fresh ground pepper to it. I hardly ever use ranch dressing, for 1 because I don't care for the ranch taste, and for 2 because it's not all that good for you. However, the one I chose wasn't too bad, so until I can come up with a better alternative (or my own recipe) the ranch will do.

HEALTHY TIP: Measure out a minimal amount of dressing (1-2 T) and toss your salad in a bowl with the dressing. This will save loads of calories rather than pouring your dressing over your salad. Plus, every bite will be coated in dressing. :)

I haven't trained my client in a week so I'm excited to get it going again with her! :) We're starting week 8 now! Time is flying!

Hope everyone has a happy, healthy Monday!

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

- Lauren 


  1. I can't wait to try this salad again Lo-N!! It was so amazing at the Cheesecake Factory! I'm pretty sure this will become a summer staple of ours! Thanks for posting it! :-) Love you!

  2. The salad also had frisee in it.

  3. and radicchio was in it also.....


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