Thursday, April 26

I Got New Shoes! + Why I Love Cats!

Wow! I haven't blogged in a while. Not. OK. at. all. I'm still working on balancing my full-time job, my client, my personal workouts, time with my amazing hubby and my 2 pups and a cat. Clearly I have a little more work to be done on that front. However, I'm learning that I am a person who needs to plan. Every Sunday moving forward will be my planning day for the week. I just do much better if I have an idea of what my workouts will look like and my meals planned, too. It will at least act as a guide. Sometimes you gotta go with the flow ya know?!!

This past weekend my hubby and I ventured out on a rainy Saturday to the outlet malls near where we live. We VERY RARELY go shopping, much less together, so it was really a nice time. We went just for fun, but Cory had hopes of finding some Under Armour shoes he's had his eye on. Well.... he didn't find his shoes... but I found a new pair of shoes! :) What's new right?

I picked up these bad boys for a steal of $59.99 at the New Balance outlet store. Holla!!!!!!! These are normally $100! Woohooo! This girl loves a good deal!

Let. Me. Just. Tell. You.

These shoes are the BOMB DIGGITY! I've been wearing Vibram Five Fingers for a few years now and I heart them still, don't get me wrong. However, there's something to be said about having your toesies a little more protected. For instance, you know that moment when you're running down the road (hopefully against traffic like a smart runner) and some a-hole is screaming toward you. You're pretty certain that the driver has no idea you're ahead of them, so you gradually make your way off the road and your run turns into an "off road" run for about 8 seconds or so. Of course every time this happens to me I end up running in a foot of weeds to avoid getting hit by said car. Don't get me wrong... I'm not hating on the weeds, however, when I wear my five fingers, I end up spending the next minute after the car passes digging the weeds out from between my toes.

With these new puppies, the New Balance Minimus, I no longer have to pick the weeds out from between my toes. And I'm still supporting my original minimalist shoe company Vibram, because the Minimus are equipped with a Vibram sole. :) Happiness all around.

Do you run in minimalist shoes? If so, which ones do you prefer?

Why do I love cats you may ask?

Many reasons.... of which you will find out more as I venture along in this blog. (P.S. I love dogs too!) But today it's because they understand the importance of reusable shopping bags just like we do. :)


The star of the show... my kitty, Kita in my new Earth Day bag courtesy of Publix.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

- Lauren

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