Friday, March 23

68 Flights of Stairs Type of Fun

I have my level 2 YogaFit training this weekend so I'm pretty pumped about that. I still haven't taught a class after everything I learned in my Level 1, but hey, that will come with time. So this post is just for funzies (my husband hates when I say that) so enjoy!.

I got together with Katie and Alaina last night after doing nearly 70 flights of stairs with my husband at his work. Wooohooo! They have a 4-flight tower that they use for training. He was doing 60 towers, so 240 flights. Caaarraaaazzyyyy! My butt muscles and calves are thanking my today no doubt, but I can't imagine what my hunny's feel like. So I have a beautiful niece that I adore and absolutely cannot stop gushing over. She's my first niece/nephew so I just can't get enough.

Well last night she was the hit of the party. She had a busy day with Katie and Alaina and did not nap AT. ALL. By the time I got over there at about 8:30 pm she was exhausted. Although, she still managed to stay up for another hour or so. She just hates missing out on the fun of girl's nights you know!? My husband has been using the term "fighting the ninjas" forever, for when people (or our dogs) start nodding off. Our little black dog, Molly is known for it. Well, we captured this little video of sweet Autumn finally bowing out of the fight. Forewarning, there is a lot of giggling and due to that, the camera is not the steadiest it could be. Apologies. :)

Well the ninjas definitely won and right after this video commenced, she got even more comfortable and was out like a light for... about 30 minutes. Kids can sleep ANYWHERE, but then again, so can my husband. Ha!

10 1/2 week old Autumn Rose :)

On another note, my dog, Slater had to get a cyst removed this week about the size of a golf ball. :/ He's recovering well! A little sleepier than normal for sure and he's missing a humungous patch of hair on the back of his neck. Not to mention, the cut is about 3 inches long! Poor guy!

My 1/2 marathon training is slow and go to say the least. Not gonna lie, my 3 mile run on Tuesday was reduced to a one mile back to my dad's house after driving the lawn mower home. Better than nothing, but definitely short of my goal. My time management skills are definitely going to be challenged if I want to be successful at this. I AM going to be successful so, time management Must. Get. Better.

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Balance.

- Lauren

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  1. Hahaha, I love seeing pictures of that sweet angel!


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