Friday, March 23

68 Flights of Stairs Type of Fun

I have my level 2 YogaFit training this weekend so I'm pretty pumped about that. I still haven't taught a class after everything I learned in my Level 1, but hey, that will come with time. So this post is just for funzies (my husband hates when I say that) so enjoy!.

I got together with Katie and Alaina last night after doing nearly 70 flights of stairs with my husband at his work. Wooohooo! They have a 4-flight tower that they use for training. He was doing 60 towers, so 240 flights. Caaarraaaazzyyyy! My butt muscles and calves are thanking my today no doubt, but I can't imagine what my hunny's feel like. So I have a beautiful niece that I adore and absolutely cannot stop gushing over. She's my first niece/nephew so I just can't get enough.

Well last night she was the hit of the party. She had a busy day with Katie and Alaina and did not nap AT. ALL. By the time I got over there at about 8:30 pm she was exhausted. Although, she still managed to stay up for another hour or so. She just hates missing out on the fun of girl's nights you know!? My husband has been using the term "fighting the ninjas" forever, for when people (or our dogs) start nodding off. Our little black dog, Molly is known for it. Well, we captured this little video of sweet Autumn finally bowing out of the fight. Forewarning, there is a lot of giggling and due to that, the camera is not the steadiest it could be. Apologies. :)

Well the ninjas definitely won and right after this video commenced, she got even more comfortable and was out like a light for... about 30 minutes. Kids can sleep ANYWHERE, but then again, so can my husband. Ha!

10 1/2 week old Autumn Rose :)

On another note, my dog, Slater had to get a cyst removed this week about the size of a golf ball. :/ He's recovering well! A little sleepier than normal for sure and he's missing a humungous patch of hair on the back of his neck. Not to mention, the cut is about 3 inches long! Poor guy!

My 1/2 marathon training is slow and go to say the least. Not gonna lie, my 3 mile run on Tuesday was reduced to a one mile back to my dad's house after driving the lawn mower home. Better than nothing, but definitely short of my goal. My time management skills are definitely going to be challenged if I want to be successful at this. I AM going to be successful so, time management Must. Get. Better.

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Balance.

- Lauren

Monday, March 19

1/2 Marathon training begins this week! Fa. Sho.

If you've read my {Me} page then you know that I was  a soccer player for years. I played 90-minute games multiple times a week all throughout high school. You may think all soccer players are good runners and enjoy running... well I'm here to tell you that that is certainly not the case when it comes to yours truly. I. Hate. Running.

Now that being said- I DO run, and there are days/runs where I enjoy myself. However, those enjoyable moments are few and far between. There's something you have to know about me though. I don't like doing things that I'm not good at. Seriously! I will avoid activities that I'm not good at for fear of failing or completely dropping the ball. BAD IDEA! I finally told myself that this has to stop!

In the past month I have made it a goal to begin doing things I do not enjoy doing. I'm not only simply talking about exercise and eating healthy here, I'm talking about everyday life activities as well. For instance, I've mentioned before I have a love/hate relationship with Burpees. I absolutely love them because they are a total body exercise; however, the hate comes in when I begin doing them and they totally kick my a$$. This past month I've done more burpees than I probably did all last year, due to my new goal! :)

Another example that pertains to everyday life.... I suck at doing laundry.... and making coffee! If I could hire a maid for one thing in my house it would be to wash/fold/put away my laundry. I. DESPISE. LAUNDRY. This past couple of weeks I've been showing the laundry pile who's boss. Yep. That's right. OK, yes I know you probably think I'm a weirdo for saying I suck at making coffee, but it's the truth. I love coffee, but every time I make coffee it never tastes as good as when other people make it for me. That's why I have a Keurig at home, but at work, in order to start saving a little more money here and there (I've got to start saving to buy some workout equipment for the garage) I brought my old coffee pot in. I generally make coffee every day now even though I'm still not good at it. Any tips or favorite coffee brands/flavors would be greatly appreciated!

So, In order to conquer this horrible looming hate for running, I've decided to take the bull by the horns. I'm training for a half marathon starting.... NOW! Well, not really right this second, but tomorrow. I train my client tonight, so tomorrow will be the beginning of a new running journey. 12-weeks of learning to love running. Wooo HOOO! As motivation, I'm taking donations for a Garmin Forerunner! hahaha! Of course I'm kidding. It is on the "want" list though.

P.S. we had another girl's night last Thursday and broke in our Sweat Betty tanks. Uh Huh! Alaina made these baller turkey meatballs with vegetables and a salad for dinner, too. Oh yeah! If you don't know who The Sweaty Betties are check them out. They are a super cute pair of fitness lovin' chicks that I look up to! (P.S. I've never met them, just follow them on FB and twitter) Their personalities and how they operate their business reminds me that although this blog is serious and getting people healthy is serious, you still have to HAVE FUN WITH IT! After all, making fitness fun is how people continue doing it for a lifetime.

Me, Alaina and Katie doin' our thang post workout

As the Sweaty Betties say, "Don't be a B!tch"

I'll keep you posted on the running! Tomorrow starts with a 3 miler, easy pace.

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Balanced. 

- Lauren


Sunday, March 11

Crazy fun Saturday at the St. Paddy's Day 5K

I can't remember how long it's been since I ran a 5K and I can't believe I haven't done more.  We shall see! The atmosphere at the McGuire's run yesterday was addicting! Team "Wolf Pack" had a blast running together and indulging just a bit at the after party. Woot Woot! One of my new goals is to do many more races in 2012, whether that be adventure races, 10Ks, 5Ks or maybe even a half marathon. :)

I might add too, my sister and her husband ran the race pushing their 9-week old baby in the jogging stroller. How fun!!! Proof that babies don't have to hold you back from doing the things you love! Little Autumn was a trooper all day long.

Does anybody have any big races planned for 2012? I'd love to hear! Hope you have a happy, healthy and relaxing Sunday!

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


Wednesday, March 7

CrossFit + Healthy Chicken Goulash + Red Wine + Great Company = Awesomeness!

My wonderful sister and dear friend, Alaina joined me last night at the Haggett Household for a little girl's night. It was AWESOME! We made it a point the last time we were together to make sure we do this type of thing more often. Everyone needs a little decompression once in a while and last night did the trick. I never used to appreciate hanging with just the girls. As I've gotten older, I now realize just how important that time truly is.

We started the night off with a little bit of CrossFit, a short workout but a good one!

5 rounds for time:

20 Jump ropes
10 Squats
10 Burpees

All of us finished in under 13 minutes. :)

We're going to try to do one of these girl's nights each weeks, so of course the workouts will progressively get harder. I must say, I have a love/hate relationship with burpees. About half way through I was thinking.... hmmmm these things are really kickin' my a$$. I frequently make my current client, Pamela do burpees and I just keep telling her, "You're going to be a burpee machine when we're done!" Sprints and burpees are probably my least favorite exercises, so my recent goal has been to challenge myself with all of the exercises I don't like doing. I need to step out of the comfort zone a bit, ya know?  How are you going to get better doing the things you're comfortable doing all the time?

Here we are in action...

Alaina- look at that form! That's how it's done my friends!
My sister, Katie- did I mention she's only 9 weeks post-baby! Yeah, pretty B.A.
Me- with my super bright shoes!

And finally... I present to you our dinner. Healthy Chicken Goulash, Caprese and a little red wine to top it off! I concocted the goulash one day when I was sick, craving veggie/chicken noodle soup, and my grandma's famous traditional goulash. I pretty much through together everything in my fridge and it was de-lish. Now it's one of my comfort food faves.

Healthy Chicken Goulash (Can be made vegan or vegetarian)

3 chicken breasts
2 cans basil, oregano, garlic diced tomatoes (check that they don't have high fructose corn syrup)
1 can tomato sauce (I also used the basil, oregano and garlic for this one)
1 jalapeno (finely chopped - including the seeds for an extra kick)
1 container chicken broth (or vegetable broth)
1 large container/bag spinach (chopped - I used frozen last night)
2 cans white corn (or one bag frozen)
Addition: I added 1 squash and 1 zucchini this time too. I almost forgot!
2 T Parsley
2 T Basil
1 T Garlic powder
1 T cayenne pepper  (If you're not in to spicy, nix the cayenne)
1 box/bag whole wheat noodles of your choice (I used 1 bag Healthy Harvest wide noodles- they look like egg noodles)

Combine all of the ingredients except the noodles in a slow cooker and stir. Set on low for 6 hours. Prepare your noodles according to the box directions and set aside. I like mine al dente, so their not too soggy for leftovers the next day. Pull the chicken breast out and shred, or be lazy (I like to think of it as efficient) like me and pulse them in a food processor. Return chicken to the slow cooker. You can either add all the noodles to the slow cooker or simply serve the goulash over the noodles. And Viola! A super simple, healthy dinner that will feed about 8 people. :)

Caprese is one of my favorite appetizers and it's super easy. Slice Roma tomatoes and top the tomatoes with small slices of REAL Mozarella cheese (it comes in a ball - I use part skim), not block cheese. Top the cheese with a sprig of fresh basil. Drizzle them lightly with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I like to add a little salt and fresh ground pepper to mine as well. Yu-mmy!

And this is how a night full of CrossFit, good conversations with great girls, and yummy food and wine will make you feel!

Me, Katie and Alaina
Lastly, I have some very exciting news to share! Today is training session #8 with my new client, Pamela. She had gotten some blood work done and recently had a doctors appointment to discuss the results. She said her doctor said, and I quote, from her quote, "Your blood results are baller." -Doc :)

He proceeded to ask her if she had been strength training more, and said that whatever she had been doing in the last month she needed to continue doing it. Isn't that wonderful! Working out and eating healthy is not only about shaping your body, it's about improving your overall health and well-being too. Her pants are fitting looser and she feels much more energetic. She said she's even had people at work recognize her increased energy levels. I'm super happy and proud of her for all of her hard work!


Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


Sunday, March 4

YogaFit Recap - {Plus} a bad habit that you'll want to recognize

Heyo! I can't believe it's Sunday night already. I'm comfortably nuzzled in on the couch with my pups (and I'm not even gonna lie, a small glass of red wine-hehe) kicking the feet up a bit after a long, but very rewarding weekend of YogaFit training. I'm now considered Level 1 YogaFit trained. I don't actually become certified until I complete 8 free classes in my community (more details on this to come).

So my Saturday morning started at 8 a.m. and it's hard to believe that within 18 hours, and 2 days of training that I feel as well-versed, and confident in the practice of teaching Yoga. Not only did I learn a lot about how to teach Yoga this weekend, I also learned within the first few downward facing dog poses that 5 months away was waayyyyy too long!  What was I thinking? No really... I seriously have been putting Yoga on the back burner and that stops today! The benefits I feel are far too great to ignore, and I was reminded in practice that I have THE. TIGHTEST. HIPS. EVER. (I'm really not exaggerating this). I have sore muscles in areas I didn't even realize I hadn't been working for the past months. Ok so anyways.... enough of that.

I must say, I was skeptical that I would come out of YogaFit level 1 training rearing to go, ready to teach a class. My mind is COMPLETELY changed on that front. I had an amazing teacher that has been teaching for YogaFit for about 7 years, and an apprentice teacher learning to be an instructor. They were both fabulous! Not only was my instructor adorable, petite and gorgeous (and sported some seriously cute YogaFit fashion)... she's just shy of her 52nd birthday and no joke, you would have never known it. She had more energy at times than our entire class combined. She knocked out more tricep pushups demonstrating crocodile (chaturanga in some Yoga styles) than some men are probably capable of, yet her arms were feminine and fitting for her size. Truly a great example of the benefits of what taking care of yourself and your body can do for aging and your health.

So, now that I'm equipped with the tools to align my clients (and future students) correctly, and easily transition them from pose to pose, I'm ready for the next adventure. I'm already looking forward to Level 2!

{Added to original post:} I got a sweet new pair of Yoga/workout pants too for a banging deal (cheaper than the website)! They are literally THE MOST comfortable pants/leggings I own now. :) Can't beat that! If you're looking for a compression type legging, these are definitely an awesome choice!. They have a wide waste band and fit nice and snug. Big Plus... they're made in the Good Ole U.S. of A! Wooo Hoo!

YogaFit cinch tights $39.95
End of addition! :)

After class today, I stopped by Pensacola Beach to meet my mom and one of her friends for a drink at the Wine Bar on the boardwalk. I've been really limiting my alcoholic beverages lately simply because of calorie content, but a treat every now and then is warranted. :) Our conversation migrated to talking about nutrition and organic foods and such, intermingled with random childhood stories that somehow fit. My mom's friend used to live in Sicily and we were chatting about how much smaller the portion sizes were in some other countries. This reminded me of a really important lesson I learned from Bethenny Frankel's book, Naturally Thin. Now I have to say, I don't agree with necessarily everything in her book, but some of it is really useful. The lesson you ask? 


Yes, I know some of us are not going to admit that we are members of this club, however, the only person you're lying to is yourself. I'll be the first to admit that I've been there, and at times I still find myself cleaning the plate. I will say that my portions are much smaller now than ever so I don't feel quite as bad, but there are times that I'm certain I can stop eating sooner that I actually do and feel satisfied. Don't worry, there are ways to overcome this bad habit.

1) Don't engage in mindless eating- In order to recognize that we are full, we have to listen to our bodies and really focus on eating. Eating in front of the TV or in the car, for example, are not ideal situations for listening to our bodies. Don't worry, you're not the only one that does this stuff. I'm totally guilty of them, especially eating in the car. I drive about an hour each day to work and I typically eat my breakfast in the car. One of my goals is to get up a tad bit earlier to avoid this.

2) Savor your food - Really practice eating your food because it tastes good and because you are actually hungry. This will really take practice. A lot of us do not listen to our bodies throughout the day. We're all so used to the routine and we forget to worry about number 1, ourselves, which encompasses our health and well-being. Find healthy recipes full of flavor. Just because we are practicing eating less does not mean we have to sacrifice flavor and enjoyment.

3) Portion control- This seems obvious, but sometimes we don't realize how many calories we are really consuming. There are many representations on portions out there, but the picture below gives a good idea of the sizes of a serving of certain foods.

Also, eating from a smaller plate or bowl will help to control how much food you serve yourself. Try it! Let me know if it works for you!

If you'd like to learn some more tips about portion control, pick up Bethenny's Naturally Thin and check them out. Also, If you have any interest at all in teaching Yoga, I highly recommend YogaFit!

Now it's time for me to hit the hay and let these sore muscles of mine recover a bit. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Balanced.


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